We Put Your Words At Work

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Are you seeking killer content that draws your target market like ants to a picnic, and skyrockets the fortune of your business? You’re in luck! I do that in buckets and spades, and I won’t break the bank.

Meet Alison Copeland: a talented and creative copywriter who knows how to get others to say yes.  Whether you need a handful of words, or a thousand, I can help you sell the benefits of your products and services, and make your brand and company stand out.

I draw on more than 10 years of experience supporting the PR, marketing and business writing needs of professional service firms across a diverse range of creative industries from advertising and publishing, to arts and entertainment in Canada and the U.K.

My expertise includes: writing proposals that have the capacity to engage clients and answer their queries, to writing case studies, frequently asked questions, blog posts and knowledgebase articles for print and the web.

Here’s What You Get When You Hire Me

  • Professionally written and proofread copy that’s packed full of studied, proven sales copywriting techniques
  • My whole mind – thinking, ideating, emphasizing and more
  • From button-down business to casually personal, a style that’s flexible and jargon-free
  • And I’ll deliver your copy on budget, and on time, every time

What’s Next?

  • Let’s connect and talk about the range of copywriting services on offer
  • Take a look at my work. I think you’ll appreciate the diversity of projects on which I’ve worked
  • Check out the Copeland Creative blog for inspiration