Nobody Cares About Your Story Until You Win. So Win!

By Alison Copeland | September 10, 2016


They say that if you want the world to pay attention,  you must be able to capture people’s hearts and imagination with a good story.  So here’s mine!

10 years ago, I became the face and voice of a Toronto advertising agency after swapping my London (U.K.) home for a new one in Canada’s creative capital.

While my official title was receptionist, in reality I was known as the company’s interpersonal ninja, especially by the Business Development Department, whom I persuaded to hire me as their media relations coordinator.

From 2006 – 2008, I worked alongside some of the most talented, inspiring, and motivated individuals who made my quality of life so much greater. I thrived on the excitement of wearing multiple hats (telephone operator, database cruncher, media-liaison, magazine distributor, PowerPoint pundit, and my favorite – Rant Receiver (earned for being a great listener and a trusted confidante).

I emerged from the experience with a renewed professional purpose, as a marketing and public relations practitioner. No matter where I went, people said my work stood out from the crowd. From writing persuasive proposals and press releases to creating promotional flyers and websites that sell, I prided myself on my ability to attract and engage audiences with authentic and compelling stories.

Writing is my passion, because it’s what I do well. I’m also great at keeping on top of projects and making sure all moving parts get to the finish line. In 2013, I launched my copywriting business, Copeland Creative, while enrolled on the Web Writing and Social Media program at the University of Toronto’s School of Continuing Studies. You might have spotted my profile in their 2016 fall advertising campaign which has just started to roll-out through the city.

I’ve created copy and content for industries across the board. From advertising to the arts. Real estate to radio. New media to not-for-profit. Whether you’re a creative professional, entrepreneur, change-maker, artist or small business, I’ll help you get there, and stay there with a tone of voice that expresses your brand’s personality. And that’s not all! I’m also pretty good at SEO, which means I know how to drive hordes of targeted visitors to your website, and keep them there with original and high quality content.

There’s an art to telling your story, and in this age of information overload, I can help you tell it in a way that makes audiences sit up and take notice. If you want to turn your story into one that people care about contact me today for a free, no-obligation consultation.


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