What’s My Story?

By Alison Copeland | August 17, 2014

What's My Story?

Ever since I learned how to scrawl,  I’ve been addicted to writing. From typewritten fairy tales I authored as a six-year-old, to thought-provoking articles that I inked for my high-school paper, my words were destined to make an impact. 

As an entertainment journalist reporting on up-to-the-minute music, film and theatre news for a national newspaper in the U.K., I made every word, sentence and paragraph count. However, it wasn’t long before the lucrative lure of advertising propelled me into a sales career, followed by roles in marketing and public relations.

In 2006, I left my London (U.K.) home and migrated to Toronto, Canada’s creative capital, where I continued to learn the art and science of persuasion. Honing my writing skills at agencies such as DraftFCB, Hill & Knowlton and GCI, I discovered that nobody cares about what you know, until they know how much you care.

In 2013, I launched Copeland Creative in response to the demand for quality content in the production and delivery of cultural products. Today, my words help creative companies tell their unique story with fresh and insightful content that turns their coldest prospects into their biggest fans.

So now you know how I got here, what’s your story? Contact me today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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