The More You Tell, The More You Sell

By Alison Copeland | May 27, 2014


Human beings can’t resist a great story.

Stories are the killer glue that make us binge-watch entire seasons of Breaking Bad or keep us wired to Coronation Street.

In business, they’re the secret sauce that keeps customers coming back for more, or connecting with you online.

The more we engage our audience, the more we can connect and boost our bottom line, and it all starts with “once upon a time”.

So, What Is A Story?

In its broadest sense, a story is a recounting of a series of events, moved forward by an interesting character or plot.

When there’s a seamless blend between the character and plot, and the audience makes a connection that’s when you know you have a good story.

Aristotle describes this “unifying” process as a journey that has a beginning, middle and end.

So, What Makes A Great Story?

In today’s age of information-overload your “once upon a time” has to make your audience sit up and take notice.

Consumers are looking for transparency, authenticity and accessibility in what they buy. They want to know what happens next and how things are going to turn out.

Marketing studies show that people make decisions with their emotions and only justify those decisions with rational thought later.

Human stories are what build emotional connections and effectively communicate the benefits of your business.

It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It

While no-one knows your business better than you, a talented and creative copywriter can help you craft your story with the right tone of voice.

Getting your words, sentences and paragraphs to work together in the best possible way that makes the most compelling sense, is the key to making people read on.

Your story is the voice of your company, and the most important persuasion tool there is.

Don’t let your story get lost in the shuffle. Contact Alison Copeland today!

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