Top 10 Traits Of A Top-Notch Copywriter

By Alison Copeland | May 22, 2014


Today’s copywriting professionals are as creative as they are logical. From paying attention to detail and problem-solving, to building solid and lasting relationships, here are the top 10 traits that make them exceptional. 

  1. They put your needs first by understanding your business and your customer feedback
  2. They gather extensive information about marketplace trends and translate it into meaningful content
  3. They use a blend of storytelling and narrative skills to move readers to take a specific action
  4. They have a keen ability to listen and “hear” what others are trying to say
  5. They combine industry facts and casual conversations to engage readers
  6. They’re big-picture thinkers who understand that the devil’s in the detail
  7. They can condense multiple ideas and opinions into one cohesive statement
  8. They know how to break through the “clutter”, by being different and unique
  9. They’re experts at paring down your message with finely honed editing skills
  10. They can overcome objections, ask open-ended questions and close with a “call to action”

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