Top 5 Reasons To Hire A Copywriter

By Alison Copeland | May 16, 2014

Queen Content To The Rescue

You’ve built your website, now what?

Faced with the reality that the content won’t write itself, and time isn’t on your side; it pays to hire a professional copywriter.

Even if you love writing and think you can do it yourself. Here’s why:

1.       You’re not a copywriter

While most people have no problem penning their ideas, professional copywriters are “persuasion specialists”. They’re skilled in writing copy that sells. Known to obsess over headlines and tone of voice – copywriters can bring clarity to your sentences and help you convert your prospects into paying customers.

2.       You’re short on time

It takes time and effort to write a business blog. People that “wing it” usually fail.  Most business owners are too busy running their business to be bothered about generating the next blog post or article. Or often-times lack a capable or skilled in-house team to plan and prepare the copy effectively.

3.       You want to rank high in search engines

Let’s face it – prospects are unlikely to visit your site if they can’t find you through a search engine. That’s why good copywriters factor search engine optimization into their writing, and craft keyword-rich articles to increase your search engine ranking.

4.       You want to create a great impression

Because a great impression makes it easier to turn someone you’ve just met into a friend. A copywriter can help you achieve this with clear, concise and customer-focused content that gets results.

5.       You want a fresh perspective

Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can help you see things that you might have missed. A talented and creative copywriter can help you communicate the benefits of your business in new and imaginative ways.

Still feel weird about having a stranger write for you? Re-read number 2 and contact Alison Copeland today!

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